Online organisation

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 situation, in case the whole AAMAS conference will be held online, hence the workshop will accordingly be asynchronous and online, which means that each person interprets the schedule in their own time zone and an appropriate platform for sharing presentations and engaging discussion will be setup and communicated to authors in due time. The aim of such a schedule is:

  • to get a commitment to spend time watching talks
  • engaging with comments to create synchronisation within each timezone
  • allowing for some discussion and social interaction

The platform used for AAMAS main conference cannot be used a comprehensive platform for workshops too, as video embeddings and Q&A chat are not available. Hence, A2HC 2021 Committee chosen to deliver presentations and facilitate discussion in the following ways:

  • this page will be the reference for accessing talks, slides, discussions, anything related to the workshop
  • A2HC 2021 still has its own page on, that reports the program schedule and the Zoom link to the Opening and Discussion Table sessions (see below)
  • talks will be pre-recorded, hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo, and shared below in the “Schedule” section
  • slides will be hosted directly here or on Slideshare, and shared below in the “Schedule” section
  • a “Social Table” Google Doc is made available to engage discussions asynchronously (exemplary Q&A are provided)

Authors are expected to regularly monitor and respond to questions and comments on their paper. All workshop participants are welcome to join the discussion. Presenters (and other co-authors in general) MUST COMMIT to regularly monitor the Social Table and reply to comments as appropriate, as a form of social engagement.

Finally, live Q&A sessions with the authors of the workshop papers will be organised on a per-need basis: please, contact A2HC 2021 organisers to setup a Q&A session. At least one organiser will then setup the session and attend as moderator. The schedule of this live Q&A sessions will be agreed upon case by case amongst the paper authors and the interested people.


The workshop will be held on May, 4th 2021, from 13:00 to 16:00 BST, in an asynchronous way. This means that the only livestreaming sessions will be the Opening and the Discussion Table, as pre schedule below. All presentations will be pre-recorded.

“Social Table” shared document (comments available for everyone, publicly): this Google doc


  • The Opening live-stream will take place at 13:00 BST, in the form of a Zoom meeting linked in A2HC page on Meeting coordinates can be retrieved therein. Authors and workshop participants are welcome to join.

Session 1

  • Gaetano Manzo, Davide Calvaresi, Jean-Paul Calbimonte, Oscar Jimenez Del Toro and Michael Schumacher. Cohort and Trajectory Analysis in Multi-Agent Support Systems for Cancer Survivors (video) (slides)
  • Shihan Wang, Chao Zhang, Ben Kröse and Herke van Hoof. Optimizing Adaptive Notifications in Mobile Health Interventions Systems: Reinforcement Learning from a Data-driven Behavioral Simulator (video)(slides)
  • Emilio Sulis and Pietro Terna. Decision support for a vaccination campaign based on an agent-based model (video, password: a2hc)(slides)

Session 2

  • Sara Montagna, Stefano Mariani and Emiliano Gamberini. Augmenting BDI agency with a Cognitive Service: general architecture and validation in healthcare domain (video)(slides)
  • Ajith Vemuri, Keith Decker, Mathew Saponaro and Gregory Dominick. Multi Agent Architecture for Automated Health Coaching (video)(slides)

Discussion Table

  • The Discussion Table live-stream will take place at 16:00 BST, in the same Zoom meeting used for the Opening, linked in A2HC page on Meeting coordinates can be retrieved therein. Authors and workshop participants are welcome to join.